Tooling Up for Success: Route 101 Reveals MEP Hire’s Journey to Improved Hire Desk Efficiency in the Latest Case Study

Route 101 a leading provider of customer engagement and communications solutions, is excited to unveil a new case study showcasing its successful collaboration with MEP Hire. This study highlights how, with Route 101’s guidance, MEP Hire implemented an industry-leading combination of Zendesk ticketing and NICE CXone telephony to facilitate fast and consistent responses to customer enquiries. This transformation not only sped up transactions and enhanced data management but also empowered the team to offer customised service level agreements (SLAs) to customers, resulting in an overall improvement in customer service.

MEP Hire is a leading national supplier of rental equipment in the construction, fit-out, mechanical and electrical markets. Its dedicated team handles all customer enquiries, from quotes and availability to handling damages, breakdowns, deliveries, collections, servicing, and training. Until recently, MEP Hire’s controllers relied on basic email and phone systems to communicate with clients. These tools had limitations, making it challenging to prioritise enquiries and complete urgent, high-value tasks on time. Recognising the need for improvement, MEP Hire aimed to prioritise incoming customer enquiries and make its processes more efficient.

Elizabeth Hoey, National Customer Support Centre Manager at MEP Hire, thanked Route 101 for their outstanding support: “Route 101 provided an amazing service when implementing Zendesk and NICE CXone in our business. They gave 100% attention to our needs and understood our business from the get-go.” She also added: “Route 101 supported us and the team was very helpful throughout. They were such a fantastic help to us all, and we look forward to continuing our work together.”

Russell Attwood, CEO of Route 101, commended his team for their exceptional work, saying, “Our colleagues have done a remarkable job implementing customised solutions to meet MEP Hire’s CX goals and business needs. By assigning dedicated specialists for Zendesk and NICE CXone, we ensured a smooth implementation process. These specialists will continue to support MEP Hire even after the project is complete, offering ongoing technical assistance and ensuring customer success.”

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