Building Resilience in Contact Centres: Strategies for Tackling Agent Burnout

Many contact centres are under increasing pressure as contact volumes and agent attrition soar. While our boards and executive teams emphasise the need for agility and flexibility in responding to the growing customer needs, we must also recognise the human element. Often, we lack awareness of agent workloads and overloads, leading to challenges in retaining staff.

Providing a positive customer experience is crucial for staying competitive, but we’re juggling multiple priorities – delivering great service, managing costs, and addressing the signs of burnout among our staff. A newly-released whitepaper, published following a recent session of the Transformation & Innovation User Group in March 2024, aims to shed light on strategies and technologies that can help us tackle this issue proactively, preventing or at least delaying high rates of absenteeism.

Creating a culture of care, offering ongoing training, and providing agents with the right tools are key points we discussed in a recent session of the Transformation & Innovation User Group. We hope you find the insights in this report helpful as we work towards building healthier and more sustainable contact centre operations.