Congratulations to the 2023 winners!

Individual Category Winners

Customer Service Agent of the Year

Alexander Thirlwell - NFU Mutual

Sales Agent of the Year

Kelly Tatlock - IAG Loyalty

Team Leader of the Year

Highly Commended

Nicole Morgan - BT


Lucy Venn - Ageas UK

Support Person of the Year

Support Person of the Year Dan Smith - NFU Mutual
Support Manager of the Year Aleksandra Wisniewska - Verastar Ltd

Newcomer of the Year

Highly Commended

David Hunter - Verastar


Marika Kleina - IAG Loyalty

Hero of the Year

Simon Scroxton - Shared Services Connected Ltd

Trainer/Coach of the Year

Evian Chiu - NFU Mutual

Contact Centre Manager of the Year

Highly Commended

Scott Hodges - RAC Motoring Services


Carinna McMillan - Verastar Ltd

Team and Company Category Winners

People Development

Support Team of the Year

Frontline Team of the Year

Floorwalker Team - IAG Loyalty

Best Customer Engagement

Best People Engagement

Best Transformation Programme

Diversity & Inclusion

Mental Health & Wellbeing Award

Best Recruitment & Retention Strategy

Proximo Group

Best Training Programme

Contact Centre of the Year Winners