How to build a true customer first approach and prove it – MaxContact ebook

Almost every organisation says they put customers first, but not all of them match words with action. Recent research found that 75% of customers will spend more to buy from a company that offers good customer experience (CX). In other words, customers know what good CX is and are prepared to pay for it.

So how do you build and measure a true customer-first approach? In MaxContact’s ebook they explore explain why, in customer and colleague communication, AI-driven speech analytics should now be a key building block of your CX strategy.

“Speech analytics enables companies to unlock hidden insights from customer conversations, thus helping them to better understand customer requirements and effectively anticipate changing customer needs.” MarketsAndMarkets report.

In this ebook you will discover:

  • How to build and measure a true customer first approach
  • How to reveal the truth behind every customer interaction and take action to improve CX
  • Why AI-driven speech analytics should be a key building block of your CX strategy
  • The ROI of speech analytics in your contact centre.

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About MaxContact: MaxContact is a Contact Centre Software company offering secure, feature-rich and cloud-based customer engagement solutions that drive productivity and efficiency. 

MaxContact’s speech analytics give real-time data on customer calls, using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to measure customer sentiment using speech patterns, keywords, emotion analysis and intonation, among other factors.  

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